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Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 12


The tech world is abuzz with speculation about the next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, tentatively named Windows 12. While there hasn’t been an official announcement from Microsoft, numerous reports and leaks have surfaced, providing enthusiasts with a sneak peek into the potential features and changes that Windows 12 might bring. This detailed FAQ aims to address the most pressing questions surrounding Windows 12, offering insights into its release, upgrade policies, system requirements, expected features, and more.

1. Is Windows 12 Officially Announced?

  • As of the latest information available, Microsoft has not officially announced Windows 12. The details circulating are based on unofficial reports, leaks, and industry speculation. Users should stay tuned for any official announcements from Microsoft regarding the next major Windows release.

2. What is the Expected Release of Windows 12?

  • Reports suggest that Windows 12 could be unveiled around the year 2024. This timeline aligns with the historical pattern of major Windows releases occurring every few years. However, Microsoft has not confirmed a specific release date, and any estimations should be considered speculative until an official announcement is made.

3. Upgrade Policies: Will Windows 12 be a Free Upgrade?

  • Historically, Microsoft has offered major Windows updates for free to existing users. While there is no official confirmation about the upgrade policy for Windows 12, it is likely that existing Windows users may have the opportunity to upgrade without additional costs. However, users building custom PCs or without a valid Windows license may need to purchase a Windows 12 license.

4. Flexibility in Upgrading: Can Users Skip Windows 12?

  • Microsoft has shifted away from forcefully pushing users to upgrade to newer Windows versions. Windows 11 remains an optional update for Windows 10 users, and this approach is likely to continue with the release of Windows 12. Users should have the flexibility to choose whether to upgrade based on their preferences and system requirements.

5. What are the Potential System Requirements for Windows 12?

  • Specific system requirements for Windows 12 are currently unknown. With Windows 11 raising the minimum specifications, there’s speculation that Windows 12 may follow suit. Users should be prepared for potential changes and check official announcements for accurate information as the release date approaches.

6. Anticipated Features: What’s New in Windows 12?

  • Leaks and reports offer intriguing glimpses into potential Windows 12 features. These include a redesigned desktop UI, a modular approach with CorePC, faster updates with state separation, integration of AI features, and the exclusion of support for 32-bit Arm apps. While these details are not confirmed, they present exciting possibilities for the next Windows iteration.

7. Windows 12 Subscription Model Clarification

  • Recent reports suggested the possibility of a subscription service for Windows 12, but Microsoft has officially denied such plans. Users can rest assured that Windows 12 is not expected to introduce a recurring fee for usage. Licensing details and pricing, however, will be clarified closer to the official release.

8. How to Participate in the Windows 12 Insider Program

  • Once Windows 12 is officially announced, users interested in exploring early builds and providing feedback can join the Windows Insider Program. This program allows participants to test pre-release versions of the operating system, contributing to its refinement before the official release.

9. Where we can get Official Information Source about Windows 12

  • For accurate and up-to-date information about Windows 12, users are advised to refer to the official Microsoft website and official announcements. As details emerge, the official channels will provide the most reliable information regarding features, release dates, and system requirements.


As the tech community eagerly anticipates the arrival of Windows 12, the unanswered questions surrounding its features, release date, and upgrade policies continue to fuel discussions. This comprehensive FAQ guide has aimed to address the key inquiries based on the available information. As Microsoft gradually unveils more details, users can expect a clearer picture of what Windows 12 has in store for the future of computing. Stay tuned for official announcements and updates from Microsoft to get the most accurate and timely information about Windows 12.

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